Unrisk Your Textile Supply Chain with agile solution

Maximize your supply chain potential and reduce risk by exploring thousands of suppliers and manufacturers across the continent. Tackles industry challenges through sustainable and innovation


Empower your brand to make data-driven ESG decisions

Cutting-edge analytics and information that will evaluate the environmental, social and governance performance of your suppliers for ensuring that your supply chain aligns with your brand's values and goals.

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Data Analytics Dashboard

Comprehensive real-time data on key ESG metrics as consumption, emissions, transparency and social impact.

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Supply Chain Transparency

Tracks and traces your entire supply chain, including the sustainability practices of your suppliers and sub-suppliers.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to measure the environmental footprint of each product and identifying opportunities for reducing it

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Social Impact Tracking

Comprehensive data on social impact, including labor conditions, fair wages, community engagement and audits

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Sustainability Certifications

Automate the process of obtaining and maintaining sustainability certifications, such as organic or fair trade labels.

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Compliance Tracking and Risk Assessment

Ensure that your brand complies with evolving ESG regulations and uses data to identify potential risks and mitigate those.

Streamline your launch process

Standardize your launch files and enhance readability to ensure a seamless process throughout your supply chain. Improve outcomes by establishing clear and consistent communication.

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Advanced tracking for your launch processes.

Minimize misunderstandings and errors, and facilitate necessary arbitration.

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Deploying protocols and ensuring adherence

Establish protocols to maintain standardized procedures and ensure their consistent compliance.

Explore Locally Sourced and Sustainable Fabrics

Achieve your ESG goals and discover unique European alternative fabrics on our marketplace. Our locally-sourced fabrics will help you reach your sustainability targets.

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Carbon Footprint Assessment

Access detailed information on the fabric's carbon footprint to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

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Positive Social Impact

Sourced from fair and ethical origins, these materials contribute to ethical labor practices while promoting sustainable alternatives to traditional materials.

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Customer-Centric Approach

Compelling Key Statistics About Our Operations


Registered Brands

Have chosen our Customer-Centric approach, gaining a better understanding of their business and making informed decisions


Certified Supplier and Factory

Explore how our certified suppliers to ensure quality and excellence in every product you launch.


RFQs Published

Drive Success with Over 9,000 RFQs Published, Putting Your Needs First to Standardize Your Path to Success

-15 days

Average RFQ Completion Time

Experience efficient service completion time, bringing your goals closer, so you can focus on what matters most


Empower your Brand with Agile and Sustainable Self-Serve Solutions

Our platform provides powerful insights to supports businesses in integrating ESG principles into their strategy for a more sustainable future.

A Comprehensive Look at Your Multichannel Sales Performance

Provides an in-depth analysis that covers forecasting, tracking, analyzing sales data, identifying trends, setting targets, and practical advices on increasing sales.

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A Guide to Developing an Effective Restocking Strategy

A comprehensive guide that covers your demand, determining reorder points, and managing lead times. It provides practical advices on creating a restocking plan.

Integrating an ESG Strategies for Long-term Success

Guiding organizations looking to embed sustainability into their business. This comprehensive guide covers the why, what and how of ESG strategy integration


Connecting the Global Supply Network

Connect with Verified Suppliers, Explore their Company Profiles, Evaluate Potential Partners in Just a Few Clicks. De-risk Your Supply Chain with Comprehensive Data.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is NewBrands and its mission?

NewBrands is a revolutionary platform connecting eco-conscious fashion brands with manufacturers committed to sustainability. Our mission is to transform the fashion industry by fostering responsible and sustainable practices.

How can NewBrands benefit my business?

NewBrands empowers brands to find manufacturing partners who share their sustainable values, facilitating eco-conscious production. For manufacturers, it opens doors to brands committed to ethical practices, leading to business growth.

What makes NewBrands different from other platforms?

NewBrands is driven by a commitment to sustainability, focusing on responsible fashion innovation. We provide comprehensive data, tools, and partnerships to enable conscious and sustainable decision-making.

Can I trust the partners I find on NewBrands?

NewBrands verifies and validates participants to ensure they align with our sustainability values. Our platform is built on trust and transparency.

Is NewBrands accessible worldwide?

Yes, NewBrands is a global platform, connecting partners from all corners of the world but focus on continental providers to reduce the supply chain impact

What kind of data and insights does NewBrands offer?

NewBrands offers data on sustainability certifications, ethical practices, and supply chain transparency, helping partners make responsible decisions.

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